Scheduling Info + Requirements

The scheduling process begins for the counseling department and administration in early October every school year. Our goal is to streamline our process and provide our students and families the necessary information to make sound course request decisions. Each year you can plan on receiving ongoing communication leading up to our scheduling day via the weekly ROHS parent update. Please take the time to review your child’s course requests and get involved in the scheduling process. By working together, we can ensure that our students are scheduled in the appropriate courses and have a great school year. Thank you in advance for the significant role you play within this process.


Students assigned alphabetically to counselors

Andrea Grove
[email protected]
Last Names (A-D)
(248) 435 8500 x 1115

Erin Boedeker
[email protected]
Last Names (E-K)
(248) 435 8500 x 2034

Last Names (L-R)
(248) 435 8500 x 7009

Kevin Botos
[email protected]
Last Names (S-Z)
(248) 435 8500 x 1076

Tracie Sandzik
[email protected]
Counseling Secretary
(248) 435 8500 x1075; fax # 248-288-0780