Current ROHS Student 

Current ROHS students can request to send their transcripts to a college/university through SCOIR. Review the steps to send transcripts through SCOIR here. If you have any questions contact Tina Lawrence in the Student Service Center.

Tina Lawrence ([email protected]). Call (248) 435-8500 ext.1075 for more information



Request a copy of your Dondero or Kimball high school transcript.


Signed statement or release form (available online & in the Main Office at Royal Oak High School) with the following information:

  • School you attended or graduated from
  • Name at time of attendance or graduation
  • Year of attendance or graduation
  • Address to send the transcript
  • Phone number where you can be reached in case of questions

Email completed release form to Tina Lawrence ([email protected]). Call (248) 435-8500 ext.1075 for more information