ROHS Credit Recovery Options


Grade Level: 9th - 12th

Criteria: Students who are credit deficient can enroll in after school credit recovery. There is a cost per course. Students are required to attend the sessions after school. Attendance is required.

How to enroll? Students should meet with their counselor. The student's parent/guardian will need to formally sign the student up for courses and pay through schoolpay. Courses start in October.

More Info & Questions? 

Contact your counselor if interested /



General Summer School Info: 

Grade Level: 9th - 12th

Criteria: Any ROHS student who is credit deficient can participate in Summer School. This is not for acceleration or grade improvement. There is a cost per course. There is a required Summer School attendance policy. Information will be shared in the Parent/Guardian Newsletter by the ROHS Principal in May. Students should connect with their counselor to find out more information and develop a learning plan. 

How to enroll? There will be a Google Form sent out by the building Principal in May. The registration form will need to be completed and the courses will be paid via schoolpay. 

More Info & Questions? Contact your counselor if interested /